Identity Resolution: Answering the question of ‘who?’

Enabling businesses to identify and authentically connect with the people who matter most.

Creating meaningful relationships on a one-to-one level with customers and prospects requires insight into who they are as a person. To succeed in the age of the consumer, companies need to create tailored, personal and consistent omnichannel experiences. Identity resolution provides the complete view of any person, across platforms and channels, with both personal and professional dimensions, for true understanding of the person behind the data.

What is identity resolution?

Identity resolution analyzes billions of pieces of information using a powerful machine learning engine that ties together an individual’s separate online identities to create a single, accurate profile. If you have email addresses, social handles, phone numbers, or limited demographic data, FullContact turns your contact fragments into complete, enriched customer profiles.


Our approach to identity resolution

In today’s digital age, data is highly fragmented. Companies with different systems and platforms, used by varying departments across the organization, are trying to understand how to market to their customers and build lasting relationships. But with different pieces and particles of data dispersed throughout the organization, businesses can’t see the entire customer profile.

Compliant with all existing privacy regulations, FullContact creates full profiles of individuals and pieces together the fragmented data for a unified view of a person’s professional and personal lives. We match identities with probabilistic data, which allows us to adapt more information, more effectively.

What can identity resolution and data enrichment do for you?

Connect with customers across channels Connect with customers across channels

Identify and connect with your customers across channels

Complete picture of a customer Complete picture of a customer

Create a complete picture of a customer starting with a single piece of data

Lasting relationships, deeper customer understanding Deeper customer understanding

Build authentic, lasting relationships through deeper customer understanding

Businesses can take advantage of identity resolution for more than individual engagement. Companies are building distinct competitive advantages by using it to derive insights and develop opportunities at an aggregated audience level.

View our use cases powered by identity resolution.

Powered by patented technology

The patented FullContact identity resolution system uses distributed, highly-scalable probabilistic graph models and algorithms, connecting data fragments to form over one billion people profiles, with more than 30 million updates per day.


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