For True Identity-Based Marketing, You’ll Need Much More Than a CDP

An increasingly savvy customer base anticipates consistency now more than ever. Unsurprisingly, 90% of consumers expect the customer experience to be consistent across channels and devices used to interact with brands.

As more devices are introduced into households and offices, brands are looking for efficient ways to communicate with customers consistently across channels and platforms. However, this introduces a new complexity—the ability to recognize the same customer or prospect across different channels and platforms.

A Customer Data Platform (CDP) creates a persistent, unified customer database that is accessible to other systems but falls short of creating a complete, 360° view of a customer. In an ideal state, offline and online sources should both be used to resolve identities and complete a customer profile. Customer data acquired from a trade show, a web visit, and a sales call should all inform a single customer record — that is then enriched with accurate third-party data.

With identity resolution bringing together customer data inside an organization and enriching customer records with additional customer data elements, brands can begin to create complete customer profiles that they can use to recognize their customers instantly.

Finding Customers Using Unique Identifiers

A Fortune 500 financial services company uses identity resolution to recognize customers across different channels and platforms to provide excellent service and a great customer experience. When a consumer first creates an account, the company sends the new member’s email to FullContact for enrichment. The enriched data is appended to the company’s CRM for a complete profile of that individual.

With a complete profile of the customers inside its CRM, the company can now perform personalization at scale and send offers relevant to an individual member. Using the social linkage from email to Twitter, it can instantly recognize a member whenever a member tweets the company. The company can use identity resolution and enrichment to provide a consistent experience and maintaining brand loyalty with timely, contextual communication to its members.

Real-Time Interaction Requires Accurate Data

Acting on the breadth of data only works if it’s constantly kept up-to-date. Most marketers do not use graphical databases due to their size and weight. Using a provider with patented algorithms and custom cloud architecture (like our Identibase identity graph) ensures you not only know more about your customers, but you can know more about them quickly and act on insights in near real-time.

Consider this: 30% of organizations currently have no strategy to update inaccurate or incomplete records. Utilizing a real-time identity graph means you are constantly receiving accurate data in real time without waiting for data to be patched or rebuilt.

Investing in Identity-based Marketing

Customer-centric marketing. People-based marketing. Identity-based marketing.

No matter what you call it, the basis of each strategy is knowing your customer in a holistic way, using both personal and professional attributes to reach them.

Identity resolution is the foundation of your marketing stack. It advances how you’re able to market to your audiences using a unique approach to the aggregation, breadth and depth, and recency of the data about individuals. It outperforms any Customer Data Platform (CDP) to enhance customer data, in real-time, ensuring that when your customers’ data changes, your messaging changes with them.

Econsultancy and IBM discovered that 33% of elite marketers say having the right technologies for data collection and analysis is the most useful for understanding customers.

Companies are discovering previously unrecognized audience segments that engage with their brands when they enrich their customers’ contact records. With data enrichment, you can further segment your market efforts and attempt highly-targeted efforts like account-based marketing, experiential marketing, and more. You can build new data-driven personas, craft more targeted campaigns, and build look-alike audiences to expand your reach.

Identity resolution allows you to understand and know your customer on a one-to-one level. Using a complete customer profile at your disposal ensures exceptional lifetime value by delivering messaging based on preferences in real-time.

When it comes to evaluating brands and services, your customers have plenty of options and limited attention. Make it easier for your brand to engage them where they are, on the platforms and channels of their choice, to help them assess why your offering is right for them.

Using an identity graph that combines U.S. census data, built on an algorithm that enables real-time data updates, with the most accurate and unique data points available, will provide your brand an unparalleled advantage over your competitors.

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