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Release: FullContact Launches Resolve: The First Real-Time, Persistent, Whole-Person Identifier

FullContact Launches Resolve: The First Real-Time, Persistent, Whole-Person Identifier

The Innovative Solution Creates Unified Consumer Profiles from Online and Offline Databases to Empower Understanding of the Whole Person to Create Segmentation and Personalized Customer Experiences, Provide Media Amplification, Data Onboarding, and Omnichannel Measurement–All Embedded Within Your Infrastructure.

DENVER — April 22, 2020 — FullContact, the industry leader in consumer Identity Resolution as a service, has released the next generation in Identity Resolution software designed to enable brands to create better interactions with their customers and empower consumers to have better control over their data. Known as Resolve, FullContact’s newest product enables the unification of fragmented customer and prospect data across any online or offline datasets with persistent, unique, anonymous customer IDs. Eliminating duplicative or inaccurate information creates a clearer picture of the customer for improved targeting, real-time customer experience, and consistent messaging. All through one easily integrated API.

The solution improves a brand’s overall customer and prospect understanding by piecing together customer, prospect, and user data into one easily-utilized ID, dramatically increasing efficiency, loyalty, and communications in the moments of interaction.

“Customers engage with the brands they love through a variety of often disconnected ways, making it difficult for the brand to create a holistic picture of their customers,” said Chris Harrison, President of FullContact. “This, in turn, causes brands’ messaging through marketing and advertising to not align with their customers’ needs, leading to fewer conversions and a bad customer experience. Resolve takes into account all the possible ways a customer can engage a brand and all the disparate datasets you have, and creates connections to real people, adding one persistent ID, so duplicates and inaccuracies can be eliminated. This empowers brands to deliver exceptional experiences and create better relationships with their customers.”

Companies have numerous ways to collect information about their customers or prospective customers. Those can be call center records, CRMs, mobile ad identifiers (MAIDS), point-of-sale information, loyalty and rewards databases, billing and shipping information and direct mail lists etc. Some of those databases may not be compatible with each other and many may not be online at all, making it even more difficult to consolidate that valuable but incomplete information together.

Resolve works by matching individual fragments of customer or prospect data to real people, and generating a customer-specific, persistent ID for that individual in real-time via API. This gives brands the ability to create real-time, two-way consolidation, and updating of customer information. With anonymous, persistent identifiers, brands and marketers can onboard and reach their offline customers online, across platforms, and measure the effectiveness of media to optimize without compromising personal information. 

Part of FullContact’s mission is to provide consumers with better control over the data brands use to market to them. When used this way by companies, Resolve provides even greater ability for consumers to know what data has been collected about them, and decide how they would like it to be used. In fact, Resolve is the foundation for FullContact’s Privacy Compliance solution, which allows companies to consolidate their customer data assets under persistent identifiers, available in real-time, so that they can easily comply with the legislation


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FullContact is a privacy-safe Identity Resolution company building trust between people and brands, while also putting consumers in control of their personal information. Their patented identity graph enables accurate, secure identity resolution for more than one billion people globally. FullContact delivers the capabilities needed to create tailored customer experiences by unifying data and applying insights in the moments that matter. FullContact is headquartered in Denver with an office in India. For more information, please visit www.fullcontact.com.

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