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Resolve to Do Better By Your Customer

A Unified Theory of Everything. Or at Least of Customer Data.

Our newest offering, Resolve, helps you unify all of your customer information into a whole-person view–so you can speak to your customers like they’re real people, in real-time, in every engagement.

Imagine if you had the ability to connect and consolidate the incomplete and disparate information in other parts of your life…

A Tangled Mess of Data

It was supposed to be the end of tax season in America. Like a lot of people, I put off doing mine until the last minute. Normally, that’s okay—my system is foolproof. I put W2s, receipts, official paperwork, and things I’m not sure I need, all in a manilla folder. I take them all out, “sort” them (read: lots of piles), and painstakingly fill out the software.

I wish there was a way to scan my documents and have them drop into the right place and perfectly line up where the numbers should be.

What I need is Resolve for Taxes™ (I probably should double-check to see if my employee agreement means this is now a FullContact patent.)

Resolve is a simple concept, but it was a lot of work for our engineering team to create. It’s the kind of thing you won’t know how you lived without once you start using it.

Resolve: Connecting and Consolidating Your Data

You take all of your existing customer and prospect records. They’re likely in somewhat better shape than my tax “system,” but most companies’ records are a tangled mess of fragmented IDs, partial IDs, duplicate IDs, or even siloed IDs.

We can help you untangle them. You deliver those files via batch or API to us. We match them against records within our identity graph, and then we give you a persistent identifier that allows you to match those fragments to each other. This creates a Rosetta Stone that can give your team a way to translate an email address or phone number to the mailing address or Mobile Ad ID that you also have – without knowing they all belong to the same person who signed up for your newsletter and then shipped an order to their office.

Why would you need something like this? It’s more than mere deduplication and merging records. Resolve lends itself to measurement and holistic customer experiences across channels. Imagine engaging with your customers like real people, in real-time, no matter the avenue of connection.  Imagine using that persistent identifier to match impression files with conversion files so you can measure campaign effectiveness down to the person-level. Imagine knowing that someone who signed up for your email list is already a customer, so you can segment them appropriately.

Resolve is a Giant Step Forward

Like getting all of your documents in order before you can do your taxes, Resolve gives you the tools to consistently and persistently know your audiences—whether customer or prospect. Once you have consolidated your records, you can efficiently message in a way that demonstrates you recognize them for the individuals they are. You can see in real-time if a person is an existing customer and information about them.

Personalized engagements whether inbound or outbound help you build customer lifetime value. Segmentation is improved because you have a whole, true picture of your customers. You can amplify your contact points at the same time. And then you can measure your omnichannel performance, and how your messaging is working, by matching exposure and conversions to truly quantify the impact of your marketing efforts, including cross-device, multi-email, and offline.

A personalized relationship is what customers want from you. And it’s a lot less painful than taxes.

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