Marketing Automation: Why Your Email Marketing Needs Identity Resolution

Implementing Identity Resolution Into Your Email

As I mentioned in my previous post, email remains the top customer-preferred method for communicating with a company. And if executed correctly, it can show the highest return on your marketing spend. 

Email is a fundamental solution that all marketing automation platforms will have, at least in some capacity. But as a marketing automation platform, how do you maximize the value your customers receive from your email marketing tools? 

Identity Resolution, of course. 

Below are some impactful ways to implement Identity Resolution into your email marketing tools for real-time results that matter: 

Personalized Automated Email Workflows

Behind every email interaction, website visit, and newsletter subscription is a real person. By resolving an email, site engagement, or social interaction to a persistent ID, your customers can know exactly who is interacting with their brand in real-time. Then they can trigger the right message to drive higher conversions in a more personalized way. Let’s look at how this would work: 

Mary signs up online for an account and buys a pair of flats. A month later she browses the site while logged in and clicks on a pair of tennis shoes, but doesn’t add them to her cart. The next day she comes back to those same shoes to add them to her cart, but she doesn’t complete the purchase. Using FullContact’s Identity Resolution within your email marketing solution, your customers can quickly identify Mary, then segment and personalize an automated email trigger. With the aid of FullContact Insights, your customers will know she travels for business and enjoys fitness. 

By identifying Mary as the person on the site looking at the tennis shoes, combined with a certain level of interest data about Mary, you can enable your customers to send a personalized, triggered email after her second page visit for a 10% coupon for a new pair of tennis shoes. So you empower your customers to create automated emails that make a difference. 

Which email do you think Mary wants to receive?

Email Segmentation and Personalization

The best part of the above example is that Mary probably isn’t the first business traveler who enjoys fitness to be interested in those shoes. With person-level insights, enable deeper segmentation on your customer’s contact database and incorporate interest-level data into automated workflows to trigger more personalized and impactful emails with every customer interaction. Accelerate growth for your customers with every email. 

In this example, let’s look at individuals who subscribe to your customer’s newsletter or blog. Don’t let your customer send the wrong message to the right person. 

Let’s say John subscribes to your customer’s newsletter using his business email. John’s business email isn’t tied to his personal email, so when your customer sees John’s business email, they think he’s a new prospect. But in reality, if you connect the two emails, you’d find that he’s been a loyal customer for over five years. Real-time Identity Resolution enables your customers to send John down the right email nurture campaigns, offering discounts for current customers–not a new customer offer that may be better than what he’s getting today. 

In short, email is one of the main features customers will use with any marketing automation platform, so you have to make sure your solution enables meaningful personalized relationships. By implementing Identity Resolution into your email marketing capabilities, you empower your customers to:

  • Identify their best customers at every touchpoint and avoid sending mixed messages.
  • Understand their audience and deliver automated personalized messaging to their best prospects and customers that really connect with who they are as an individual.
  • Customize nurture campaigns, landing pages, and more in real-time to increase conversion.


We’ll return in a few weeks to explore how Identity Resolution can enhance audience analytics and reporting! 

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