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Implementing Identity Resolution into Your Marketing Automation Platform

Why Your Marketing Automation Platform Needs Identity Resolution

How many times have you opened an email from a brand and been delighted by their level of personalization? Maybe they sent a gentle reminder about a pair of yoga pants that you left in your cart. And oh, by the way, they now have it available in the same color as the tank top you bought from them last month! 

On the flip side, how many times have you been disappointed or confused by the messaging of a brand’s email? Maybe you’re a loyal female customer, but they sent you an email about a sale on men’s running shoes. Even the slightest misstep in messaging can create permanent distrust with a brand. We live in a world where we can provide people with the personalized experience they have come to know from some brands, and expect from all. 

Not all brands have the ability to provide their end-users with a complete omnichannel, personalized experience without some technological help. One avenue brands turn to is marketing automation platforms, which enable their users to streamline and automate workflow to grow revenue faster without compromising relationships. But, if you’re a marketing automation platform, what solutions are out there to help you reach more customers with tailored offers and personalized content?

Just as brands rely on a tech stack that includes marketing automation platforms to build lasting relationships with their end-users, marketing automation platforms have their own tech stack. And to be successful, it needs to include Identity Resolution. 

We all know that customer information is fragmented, siloed, and incomplete. Identity Resolution solves that issue by taking all the disparate identifiers, touchpoints, and insights of an individual that may exist on multiple platforms, devices, and channels and links them to one person. Marketing Automation platforms can implement Identity Resolution within the features of their platform so that their customers can trust they’re reaching the right people at the right time with the right messaging. 

In this series, we’ll highlight some of the quick and easy ways you can implement Identity Resolution into marketing automation platforms.

Since we started this series by talking about email marketing and it remains the favored channel for consumers when communicating with companies, the second post in our series introduces Identity Resolution into your email marketing capabilities. In the third post, we cover how Identity Resolution drives analytics. Enjoy!

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