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How to Reduce Risk and Fraud With Identity Resolution

It’s a digital world, meaning it’s a digital economy. As more consumers shop online, more purchases are completed using forms and codes and, of course, digital identity. Unfortunately, companies today face the tough challenge of verifying the person behind the purchase, avoiding fraudulent transactions, and protecting against bots, hackers, and cyber-criminals. Fraud is a costly…

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Drive Engagement and Profits By Understanding Audiences as Real Humans

The digital revolution has given businesses the ability to capture, collect, and analyze an unprecedented amount of customer data.  Perhaps that’s why, by some measures, the world generates approximately 2.5 quintillion bytes a day. Organizations can create massive amounts of data for marketing, sales, and customer support. But how do you find the person in…

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SalesWings Takes Lead Enrichment to New Heights with FullContact

SalesWings, a high-tech solution provider based out of Lausanne, Switzerland, maintains a relentless obsession with the sales process. That’s why the company was formed–to help businesses increase sales and create more customers. “We put your hottest leads at the top of the list,” says Philip Schweizer, Co-founder, CEO, and Head of Product. “We recognized that…

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visionary integrator duo

Scaling Up: The Magic of the Visionary-Integrator Duo

As I’ve previously written, Scaling Up Requires Some Healthy Dysfunction.  Along the journey, every company has scale points when things simply start breaking down.     In my experience, these breakpoints naturally occur at 20 employees, 50 employees, 100 employees and 250 employees.    Organizational systems break, and new processes and people are required to fix…

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