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Power better customer experiences and deeper relationships with the best data

Accurate, up-to-date, data from trusted sources for your businesses’ peace of mind

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Understand audiences, create amazing experiences, and develop one-to-one relationships at any scale.

The Identity Graph, our patented technology identity resolution system, utilizes distributed, highly-scalable probabilistic graph models and algorithms to link profiles, perform deduplication and enrich data. With more than 30 million updates per day, our identity graph ensures our customers have the most accurate, up-to-date data available.

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Trusted Sources

We have multi-sourced data from reliable top-tier providers gathered from public records, warranty information, surveys, opt-in subscriptions, opt-in app partners, public filings, public directories and other publicly available sources.

FullContact strictly abides by the privacy requirements of applicable regulations and relevant terms and conditions of our data partners. All of the social data that FullContact acquires and accumulates is publicly available by choice of the social network user within the rules and/or terms of service set forth by those social networks.

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Data Quality

FullContact’s technology and practices ensure data protection, recency, and precision. With over one billion people profiles and 22 million company profiles, we provide superior data using public websites and social networks, trusted partners, and our own data co-operative.

Data Accuracy

With a 95 percent default accuracy, FullContact gives you high-fidelity data to make crucial decisions. Just as important, you can adjust your data confidence scoring, from as low as 80 percent to as high as 99 percent, to achieve maximum ROI based on your business needs and use cases.

Data Processing

FullContact technology, workflows, and expertise allow you to merge, deduplicate, and cleanse data at an unprecedented scale and speed. How? Customers request data appends from FullContact based on any combination of identifiers like social handles, email addresses, postal addresses or phone numbers. FullContact returns deduplicated, enriched profiles with persistent IDs for ongoing marketing success.

Data Privacy

FullContact has a suite of certifications crediting the use of appropriate technical and organizational measures to guarantee the security and protection to the rights and freedoms of individuals, a Data Privacy Officer to monitor strict compliance with applicable Privacy and Security regulations, and a complete set of legal documents like online terms of use, master service agreements, and data privacy addendums.

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