Drive Engagement and Profits By Understanding Audiences as Real Humans

The digital revolution has given businesses the ability to capture, collect, and analyze an unprecedented amount of customer data.  Perhaps that’s why, by some measures, the world generates approximately 2.5 quintillion bytes a day.

Organizations can create massive amounts of data for marketing, sales, and customer support. But how do you find the person in the data stream? How do you discover and decipher what people say about your brand amid the booming noise associated with big data? CRM, marketing automation, and other information systems, tools, and analytics organize data, but they fall short of providing human understanding of the individual consumer.

A first step to developing personal, one-to-one insight from your databases and audiences begins when you segment, compare, and understand audiences at both macro and micro levels. You can discern the many variables and variations of your target audience to create smaller groups, sub-categories, and micro-cohorts that aggregate and differentiate in meaningful ways. To do this, you must remove the common challenges of incomplete, disparate data and systems that most organizations face. While data remains bountiful, businesses are still struggling to glean insight to keep up with customer expectations.

3 challenges to data insight:

  1. Disparate data and isolated silos
  2. Cumbersome integrations and legacy technology
  3. Incomplete records and customer profiles

In the age of the consumer, delivering personalized experiences when and where people want is paramount. To do this, you need to understand customers at a deeper, richer level well beyond simple cookies and device IDs. The future of business success involves aggregating and enriching customer data stored in siloed databases. By transforming partial data into complete profiles, usable and shareable by every system in your tech stack, you gain unprecedented insights.  

That’s because every prospect and customer has a story to tell. You just have to listen.  Thanks to social data, you have a rich, publicly-available, and continuously updating information resource. You can easily take advantage of social and combine it with your own business and transactional data, elevating your customer understanding to new heights.

Deeper Segmentation and Personalization

You can do more than divide your customers based on simple demographics. Delve deeper using behavior, interest, and brand loyalty data to carry out targeted, personalized strategies that treat accounts as actual humans. By taking advantage of publicly available demographic, psychographic, and firmographic data at the individual record-level, you can cultivate actionable characteristics such as preferred media channels, celebrities, activities, or hobbies.

3 steps to audience insights:

  1. Integrate customer data and link to social identities
  2. Add social data to expand the 360-degree view of your customers
  3. Find new insights to drive customer strategies and tactics

Reaching the right people involves developing proper classifications and subgroups to maximize your reach and optimize your conversation and retention rates. Brands can slice, dice, and segment consumer data to develop the most relevant campaigns possible.

What you can do with identity-based insights:

  • Build data-driven personas  
  • Identify customer advocates
  • Empower loyalty programs
  • Capture brand and competitor engagement
  • Segment based on lifestyle and product engagement
  • Build relevant experiences throughout the customer lifecycle

What World-Class Identity Can Do for You

Identity resolution from FullContact gives you everything you need to understand your audience better. FullContact’s patented technology provides the most current and accurate data about people and companies, leveraging more than one billion people profiles and millions of company profiles to enrich data. In addition, FullContact aggregates data from nearly 100 social networks, and provides affinities across 6,000 subject areas.  

When you apply identity resolution from FullContact to your own customer data, you gain clarity around the people you want to reach, and the classifications that you need to maximize reach and optimize conversation and retention rates.

How identity resolution empowers you:

  • Build data-driven personas  
  • Identify customer advocates
  • Capture brand and competitor engagement
  • Segment based on lifestyle and product engagement
  • Create relevant experiences throughout the customer lifecycle

Take your audience insights to the next level. Check out the use cases in the FullContact Resource Library.

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