How a General Automation Platform Helps FullContact Users

Challenges and Opportunities for FullContact users

As you know, FullContact enriches lead information from social data, email addresses, and even business card scans. This is the smart way to take incomplete contact info pulled in from marketing programs, social campaigns, or even in-person meetings at local events, and efficiently and reliably turn them into fully-baked leads.

To do this, FullContact already offers a variety of out-of-the-box integrations with leading business solutions, like Marketo, as well as customer support solutions such as Zendesk and Freshdesk, and even CRM like Agile CRM.

Great…so how can you take a good thing like this and make it even better?

Introducing: the General Automation Platform

What if you could not only connect FullContact with other marketing and sales applications, but also build automated processes that handle all your lead-based projects? And turn all the spreadsheet busy work that used to take hours (or days) to finish into an error-free automated process that’s done in seconds? This is where a General Automation Platform comes into play – a platform that:

  • Integrates business applications like FullContact into the rest of your sales and marketing stack to pass data between them
  • Automates simple or complex workflows involving multiple stack components to save you time and plug up leaks in your funnel
  • Offers an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface designed for business users – no IT support required

Let’s go over some sample use cases:

Marketing automation -> FullContact -> CRM

Your team has just finished its most successful marketing program yet, harvesting thousands of leads at one go, all captured in your marketing automation solution.

Unfortunately, not all these leads are complete. Some are missing important data such as full names, company names, email addresses, and so on. Of course, this is where FullContact comes into play. By feeding it this list of leads, you can then receive a properly-formatted, enriched lead list.

Your next step is to then send those leads to your sales team. But you’re not interested in trying to manually upload that gigantic spreadsheet into your CRM anymore. No, this time, you decide to use a General Automation Platform, which seamlessly integrates marketing automation to FullContact’s lead enrichment…to CRM.

This new platform includes robust (but user-friendly) operator logic to repeatedly loop through even the longest CSV file. So, you build an automated workflow to capture every field, and transfer directly into your CRM, error-free, automatically adding or updating leads to existing accounts and creating new accounts as needed.

By automating the entire lead-to-account process, you’ve turned a time-consuming task that used to take hours (if not days), and would potentially require multiple meetings, into an automated process that’s done in seconds.

This means your team is now able to capitalize on those piping hot leads immediately. Since research suggests companies that respond to lead queries within an hour are 7x more likely to qualify that lead, being able to process and respond to leads quickly is a huge advantage that will help put your company ahead of the competition.

FullContact -> CRM -> SDR outbound

Another way that users benefit from FullContact’s powerful lead enrichment ability is for outbound prospecting. Maybe your ambitious sales team is eyeing a shortlist of strategic accounts: Successful firms that fit the core competencies and market profile of your company’s offering, and would make fantastic customers.

And now that some have engaged with your website or offers recently, they’re primed for initial outreach. But aside from a few marketing touches, you don’t have a clear “in” for any of them.

By using even partial lead data, you can use FullContact to enrich those incomplete leads into fully-developed, usable contact info. As mentioned above, with a General Automation Platform, you can build an automated workflow that routes the data from your completed lead contact list into your CRM.

But you can also build in an additional workflow step by integrating your outbound sales engagement solution. This helps you extract those enriched leads from CRM and immediately feed them into outbound campaigns, without leads slipping through the cracks or going cold over time.

So, you’ve already set up your General Automation Platform to pull FullContact leads and deliver them directly into CRM. You’re saving yourself the time and hassle of wrangling gigantic CSV spreadsheets. But now, you’ve used your General Automation Platform to connect FullContact and CRM together with your sales engagement platform.

With this automated workflow in play, you’re already responsively deploying outbound emails you have tied to your marketing campaigns or important website sections. In other words, you’re not playing detective anymore…trying to puzzle out whether the unidentified lead that came from an important source is the marketing VP you need to reach or a random inquiry from that company’s summer intern.

Instead, when a prospect from your strategic account clicks on your marketing team’s brilliant offer, in moments (or after whichever amount of lead time you choose), they’ve received the customized outbound email you’ve already crafted and pre-loaded for that asset: “Hi Sarah, thanks for checking out our eBook. Here are some links to our related resources that might interest you.”

In other words, you can use a General Automation Platform with FullContact’s enriched lead data to move faster and make relevant, customized outbound contact more efficiently. Since research suggests that 67% of buyers respond to content customized specifically for them, you can see how this can improve your response rate and ultimately help you drive more business.


Hopefully, you’re getting a sense of how you can use a General Automation Platform to make an outstanding solution like FullContact work even more quickly and effectively for you. If you’re not already using FullContact to enrich your leads and outpace your competitors, get more info today.

If you’re interested in learning more about General Automation Platforms and how they can integrate and automate your marketing and sales stack, please visit the official Blog.

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