Use More Context in Your Customer Care Communications

In the Age of the Customer, companies are working to gain a competitive edge in their industries and finding new ways to level up their approaches to customer communications. While segmenting and personalizing your marketing efforts for prospects can help move the needle in the right direction, it won’t be enough to keep current customers engaged in the long run.

Consumers have high expectations of personal support and demand a seamless experience when interacting with companies across multiple channels. Brands who invest in multichannel customer experiences will be able to retain customers and encourage consumers to become advocates. In fact, there is 92% retention among companies with a well-crafted customer service approach.

The competitive differentiator for brands looking to implement this kind of customer care and retention strategy is identity resolution. Identity resolution provides a complete view of any person, across platforms and channels, with both personal and professional dimensions, for a true understanding of the person behind the data.

Consider this: acquiring a new customer is five times more expensive than retaining an existing one, but customers are getting harder to keep track of across internal silos and external channels. Identity resolution can connect data fragments, from inside your organization and with publicly available data, to enable exceptional customer experience throughout their lifecycle.

Using identity resolution, you can create a customer care experience that enables your company to:

  • Provide real-time customer care on a one-to-one level
  • Engage customers on the platforms they prefer
  • Assess the social, transactional and relationship history for individual customers
  • Recognize and engage with influencers across channels

Maintain Relationships Across Platforms     

Your customers’ data syncs across systems inside your organization for better segmentation, personalization and precise messaging for your audience. You can engage and communicate with customers and potential customers on the platforms of their choosing and provide consistent experiences as they move from channel to channel. For brands, a presence on multiple channels is paramount, considering that 62% of consumers who engage their favorite brands on 10+ channels make weekly purchases.

Keep a Human Element to Customer Interactions

Consolidated customer data can help you create amazing customer experiences on multiple channels and deliver a personal interaction that reminds your customers how much you value them. In crowded, competitive markets companies continue to work hard for the attention and loyalty of their customers. While automation has helped marketing efforts scale,  59% of all consumers feel companies have lost touch with the human element of customer experience. With identity resolution at the crux of your customer data, you can bring social, transactional and relationship history for every individual in your database into your interactions. You’re not treating all customers the same — with the context of your customer as a whole person, you can provide a higher level of customer care and communicate on a one-to-one level.

Activate Your Brand’s Advocates and Influencers

Using insight into the complete profile of your customer, you can identify and engage with influencers and VIPs within your database. While using celebrities to promote your brand can provide some ROI, in the current Age of the Customer,  70% of millennial consumers are influenced by the recommendations of their peers in buying decisions. Recognizing these influencers and creating brand advocates within your current customer base can fuel authentic promotions to prospects.

Identity resolution and identity-based marketing efforts can help you achieve the level of authenticity that brands are struggling to reach. Learn how to create an engaging customer experience using deep audience attributes in your marketing efforts.

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