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Elevate your customer experience for every individual

Improve customer engagement, customer satisfaction, and customer loyalty

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Young woman working with a friend at a coffee shop.
Young woman working from a coffee shop. Boxes surround her describing more about her such as her Instagram handle DesignRox, her location in Portland, her occupation as UX Designer, and her first name, Roxanne. Two other images of a cup of coffee and the skyline of Portland accompany the main image.

Discover, engage, and activate your customers from acquisition to retention

Marketers have to consider the customer journey from end to end — with unique data elements that inform acquisition and retention campaigns.

  • Resolve identities across first and third party data sets by linking unique social, traditional, and digital identifiers.
  • Enrich the resolved profiles to better understand and engage your ideal customer across the entire buyer’s journey with personalized communications at every step.

Using our leading identity resolution technology, you can:

Know Your Customers
See beyond interactions
with your brand

Easily Find Insights
Find gender, affinities, and hundreds of other data points

Segment Your Audience
Build custom segments based on interests and affinities

Enable Social Service
Match social handles to your internal customer data

Match Customer Profiles
Delight more customers with
instant insights

Power Better Experiences
Engage your customers with the right content

Ready to grow your business with unparalleled customer insights?