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Introducing FullContact’s New Look

FullContact is thrilled to announce our new brand identity, design system, and website! Our new identity is sophisticated and streamlined, with an emphasis on our mission to provide insights that strengthen authentic connections between people and brands.

Trust and Transparency

We’ve always valued transparency and human connection over all else. Our co-founders, Bart and Travis, started FullContact as a way to help people organize their address books so that they could build better relationships. Since then, we’ve expanded beyond contact management to become a leader in Identity Resolution and a steward of data privacy.

Today, we help brands connect with people by applying real-time insights. We want to show companies that building impactful relationships means fostering genuine, tailored interactions with customers. And we want customers to know that privacy is our mission.

Connection is fundamental for everyone, whether personal or business. We aim to empower that connection; we want to make sure brands can connect with people wherever they are, and that they can understand that person, whoever they are.

Consistent and Recognizable

Our new brand includes foundational elements like our refreshed logo, new logo mark, a more sophisticated color palette, and a cohesive illustration style. These elements work together to ensure that you’ll recognize us wherever our brand appears.

Our original logo served us well for almost ten years, but we felt it was time to update it to a logo mark that better represents where we’re heading as a company. While the Rolodex in the original logo reminded us of old times and our roots, it was time to evolve and look to the future–with a look of the future.

Our new logo represents the modern relationship between people and brands. The symbol in our logo is a 1 and 0 flipped on their side to form the silhouette of a person. What’s beneath the data is a real person with hopes, dreams, insights, and preferences. FullContact delivers the capabilities needed to create tailored customer experiences by unifying data and applying insights in the moments that matter.

What Else Is New

We’ve updated our logo, typeface, colors, and imagery. We’ve also made style updates within our API Dashboard. And we have a new website, too!

Our website is now more streamlined so that content is easier to find. We put a lot of emphasis on our privacy-safe products and how they benefit both companies and people. We also have a new FAQ page so you can quickly get the answers to the most popular questions about our products and company.

More than anything, we wanted our new look and site to represent our approach to data. We’ve worked hard to make sure we stand by the most stringent ethical standards and ensure that we always take the high road when it comes to privacy. To that, we’ve updated our brand building blocks to stay relevant and remain true to our core values.


We want to thank the many internal teams here at FullContact for their support and hard work in building our new identity. We’re especially grateful for the dedication of Want Branding and Human Design in helping us create and execute our brand vision.

Want to stop reading about the new look and actually see it? Check it out here.

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