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Why I'm excited for marketers that FullContact is a new Adobe Partner

Adobe and FullContact Partner to Meet the Identity Mandate

It’s challenging working in modern marketing: There are ever-expanding communication and engagement channels, making customer journeys more complicated. At the same time, people expect consistent, personalized brand experiences throughout all of those channels. And there’s also an increasing pressure to measure the actual effectiveness of your marketing spend.

On top of those challenges, there are also evolving consumer expectations regarding controlling the use of their data, affecting AdTech changes and privacy legislation.

When taken together, the evolution of people and technology has created an identity mandate.

This is why I’m incredibly excited about FullContact’s partnership with Adobe as it relates to the future of online engagement. And this new partnership also brings FullContact’s partnership with LiveIntent to life.

Our integrated, seamless solution will enable incremental real-time recognition of website traffic on your website by combining the power of FullContact’s omnichannel, portable, persistent PersonID and the full extent of Adobe’s tech stack.

We designed the solution to be future-proof while maintaining and strengthening your customer relationships.

With the onslaught of technological changes affecting the industry, including the depreciation of third-party cookies and alterations to Mobile Ad IDs, the market desperately seeks a customer recognition solution free of third-party cookies.

Real-time recognition is foundational to creating a long-lasting relationship with your customers. As I’ve said before, if we met in person, and I repeatedly introduced myself in a single conversation, you’d want to walk away as quickly as possible. But that’s precisely what brands do by not recognizing people in every engagement.

This integrated solution empowers you to consistently recognize your customers and prospects–even before they log into your site, give you their name on a service call, or sign in to your mobile app. By identifying them at the individual level, you can create relevant personalized messaging to give them an exceptional experience.

There’s also a growing body of privacy legislation, including GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, and the forthcoming CDPA. Privacy laws are byzantine. Even calling privacy compliance difficult is an understatement. But by mapping to a persistent identity layer via the PersonID, you can easily recall all of the data you have on an individual in real-time. This will give you peace of mind and help build trust with your customers.

In the face of changing technology and the ever-evolving slate of privacy legislation creating obstacles in your relationship with customers, people’s expectations have changed as well. We want quick response time from the brands we engage with. And we want transparent, personalized interactions–no matter where or how we’re reaching out.

Because this integrated solution is tied to FullContact’s PersonID, it’s portable, omnichannel, and persistent. You can use the PersonID across your system to keep identities synchronized around your customers, regardless of what channels your customers use to engage with your brand. And the PersonID is kept persistent as customers progressively engage with your brand. All of this creates a streamlined, consistent customer experience across all channels!

Additionally, our capability will amplify Adobe’s existing Identity Resolution, leading to improved measurement and accuracy by mapping site and purchase data. Moreover, those taking advantage of the integrated solution can expect to see 40% more linkage and unification of customer and prospect data, 32% increase in recognition of website visitors, and 13% increase in website conversions from recognized people. All of this puts you in a better position to leverage your Adobe investments while improving the customer experience.

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