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3 Reasons Why Companies are Investing in Identity Resolution

Why Identity Resolution is the Future of Marketing

Recognizing and understanding your customers and prospects is critical to the future success of your marketing. Having explicit knowledge of who you’re engaging with in real-time can help you customize your products, personalize messaging, and apply the right privacy controls in the moments that matter. 

The challenge facing marketers is that people interact with your brand across different platforms, devices, and channels with different identities. This leads to fragmented and siloed customer data, making it difficult to target, track and act at different points in the customer journey. 

Despite this challenge, there is a solution–Identity Resolution

What is Identity Resolution?

Identity Resolution connects and consolidates fragmented identifiers collected when people interact with your brand across different channels, platforms, and devices, mapping it all to a real person (for FullContact, that’s our persistent, portable, omnichannel PersonID). 

These capabilities provide customer information in real-time to reflect their evolving behavior and preferences. The constant updates help you make relevant decisions based on real-time customer recognition, empowering you to create highly-personalized customer experiences, improve brand engagement and conversion, as well as amplify your ability to find your best customers and prospects in as many channels as possible. And ultimately, it can help you boost conversions and lifetime customer value.

With that high-level overview, here are the top three reasons why companies invest in Identity Resolution:

1. Identity Resolution Improves Brand Engagement, Conversions, and Lifetime Value

People are the lifeline of any business. You need a solid strategy to acquire and retain your customers to keep growing your business. Investing in Identity Resolution is one step into the customer acquisition and retention journey.

Identity Resolution helps modern companies looking to remain competitive through digital commerce and personalization by giving your company the ability to recognize unauthenticated site visitors back to your CRM data. It also provides in-depth insights, empowering you to apply the right content and messaging in real-time. 

Numerous engagements connect to a single persistent identifier

Brands using Identity Resolution on their website see a 32% average increase in website recognition and a 13% increase in conversion after personalizing content and connecting previous engagements. It also helps with data enrichment from numerous categories of data, including personal and professional insights. 

Identity Resolution gives your company unmatched insight into an individual, which you can use to personalize the context of the engagement.

Learn more about Real-Time Recognition.

2. Apply the Right Privacy Controls

As you’re engaging with people and applying real-time information, it’s important to keep respectful usage of their data at the top of mind. With the ever-evolving slate of privacy legislation (CCPA, GDPR, LGPD, the forthcoming CDPA), privacy compliance can be difficult. But it needs to be foundational to your business. 

The future of marketing success is balance–both balancing the use of an individual’s data in alignment with their permissions and balancing the commercial interest of companies with the interests of real people. As FullContact CEO Chris Harrison has said, “We have to arm companies with the tools that will enable both the value exchange and the ability for individuals to give permission or extend that aspect of their personal space to the brand.”

Identity Resolution is the basis of these tools, enabling brands to create better interactions with their customers and empowering people to have better control over their data.

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3. Amplify Your Media Reach and Returns

To effectively reach your target audience, you need to apply as many hashed emails and Mobile Ad IDs as possible to reach people where they are. Identity Resolution enables you to append both Mobile Ad IDs and hashed emails to terrestrial, email, and mobile identities. 

Unifying your customer and prospect data also helps you identify individuals across multiple devices, channels, and platforms. This process eliminates duplication and waste by ensuring you’re not targeting the same person multiple times.

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Want to Learn More?   

If you want to see how Identity Resolution can improve your overall brand experience and media efficiency, contact us today for a free consultation!

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