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3 Takeaways from the Adobe Reimagine Commerce Conference

With the past year accelerating changes previously predicted for eCommerce, marketers are coming out on the other side determined to understand how business and consumer tendencies have changed—and how they can adapt to these newfound habits. 

Adobe Experience Makers – Reimagine Commerce Conference was a unique virtual experience where Adobe eCommerce partners shared their stories first-hand with attendees. With diverse leaders from a range of industries, including tech, travel, retail, and various others, the conference had a plethora of perspectives. As FullContact’s marketing summer intern, I had the opportunity to attend the Adobe conference and learn all about the leading marketing tactics and solutions in the digital marketing space. 

I heard from the eCommerce manager of Fashion BNKR, Stephanie Dimasi, explaining how they used personalization to create a one-to-one individualized shopping experience for their customers. The President of Marlow White, Dan Greer, shared how his company saw a 200% increase in conversions on mobile devices from simplifying the mobile shopper experience through segmentation. And lastly, Janet Dade, the Director of Society and Administrative Technology for the American Chemical Society. 

I enjoyed hearing the success stories, strategies, challenges and tribulations, and future outlooks from the wide variety of users to better understand how Adobe Commerce helped reshape these businesses in today’s landscape. 

Let’s start with the three main takeaways from the conference:

    1. Personalization 
    2. Segmentation 
    3. Adaptation  


The first thing I took away from the conference is the importance of personalization. Stressed most frequently throughout the sessions, personalization is the lead component in creating an authentic customer experience. Throughout the day, I heard various examples explaining how businesses found the most success during and post-COVID when they tailored their customer experience to fit the customer’s real-time wants and needs. 

A personal experience for each individual allows the person to feel a special connection with the brand. A company that found an immense amount of success with this concept was Fashion BNKR. Fashion BNKR is a global eCommerce brand that improved success by creating a 1:1 digital shopping experience for consumers with personalized solutions. This authentic experience improved conversion rates by stressing high-touch services in online interactions to exhibit a deep understanding and care for their customers.

Fashion BNKR doubled down on personalization this past year, using COVID-19 as a prime time to reach out to their customers and show a deeper appreciation and understanding for their unique preferences. They wanted their customers and prospects to feel appreciated the minute they entered their website, so they focused on creating a distinct experience that makes their brand memorable. Fashion BNKR understood early on how personalization alters every aspect of the experience from the moment they join the site by providing them with custom messages, suggestions (such as clothing you might like based on past purchases on the site), and the overall page layout. 

As a marketer, by generating a personalized experience for each individual, you create a world that makes them feel appreciated and sparks loyalty with your brand because of your ability to listen to what the person wants. Fashion BNKR also used personalization to strategize, resolve conflicts between channels, and gain a deeper understanding of their brand’s capabilities through testing and experimentation.  

As an Adobe Innovate partner, FullContact’s Customer Recognition solution easily integrates across the Adobe Ecosystem, allowing you to deliver personalized experiences to logged out website visitors. 


The second concept I took away from the conference was the importance of segmentation. Segmentation and personalization go hand in hand when it comes to creating an authentic, memorable customer experience. Without the ability to segment your audience, you cannot truly personalize the journey through your brand. Speakers throughout the presentations conversed about how segmenting allows you to understand where each consumer lies in your target markets and how you can benefit from their business and them from your brand. 

Marlow White, the only supply source for soldiers to get high-quality uniforms, has utilized Adobe Commerce to segment their website with various features to cater to each user’s preferences. Whether the website viewer is an Army soldier, Navy cadet, or Airforce pilot, Marlow White can easily understand their background to create a simplified, accelerated experience while also creating a unique profile with each customer’s information for future purchases. By doing so, Marlow White can understand their customer profiles, so they can segment their feed to fit their desires. 


The last concept I saw stressed throughout the day was adaptation. The ability to simplify a brand’s platform is underrated in the technology industry today. Since COVID, people have entirely altered how they go through their daily shopping activities. 

Mobile eCommerce purchases have risen to over 50% of all online shopping purchases this past year. Mobile devices are the key to finding success in eCommerce, so having the ability to simplify your brand’s accessibility on mobile devices alongside desktops will be a gamechanger for sales. You can also streamline customer service with online chat capabilities, phone calls, and emails with customer services representatives. The more accessible you make your brand, the more improved your customer’s experiences will be. 

The American Chemical Society is a unique example of a nonprofit organization creating an empathy-driven approach to a personalized customer experience. As a nonprofit, the American Chemical Society’s value stems from its customers’ connection to the brand and how much they want to be involved in its success. Therefore, with the help of Innover Inc. and Adobe, the American Chemical Society created a personalized shopping experience that made their customer feel like an integral part of the brand’s success. Innover Inc. used Adobe’s solution to create an integrated digital transformation of the ACS by creating a membership engagement solution. With this in mind, marketers need to look for a solution that establishes target products and services based on each individual’s preferences and therefore adapts each member’s personal experience from there. 

Being so versatile in a constantly changing digital world gives a company a one-up on their competitors when looking at how to stand out across platforms. These days, consumers want to feel as though they are special during each brand interaction they have, so using FullContact’s Customer Recognition solution is an excellent way of adapting to changes in the eCommerce space by creating a uniquely personalized and memorable customer experience. 

Put It All Together

At the end of the day, if the customer is happy, then you’ve done your job as a marketer. Finding a way to create a phenomenal experience at all times can cause your brand’s success to skyrocket. Also, by simplifying your customers’ and prospects’ shopping experience, you seamlessly allow them to get everything they need in one place, instigating a sense of brand loyalty and a higher customer return rate. People want their goods and services the fastest and easiest way possible, so the sooner you can provide that to them, the better the customer experience. 

As a novice marketer, Adobe’s Reimagine Conference was an eye-opening, informative event filled with unique experiences and outlooks from various brands and industry experts. I look forward to what the future of eCommerce holds. 

The content was highly relevant to today’s ever-changing digital market, and the Adobe Commerce platform is an unmatched integrated solution that dramatically improves the customer experience. There were so many great presentations, and I only touched upon a few of them in this blog. If you would like more information or experience the Adobe Reimagine Commerce Conference first-hand, I encourage you to watch the recorded sessions here


FullContact offers simple integration of our Customer Recognition solution with Adobe Experience Cloud. If you’re interested in delivering personalized experiences to unauthenticated website visitors, get started today!  

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