Epsilon has spent decades building their data assets and making strategic acquisitions to strengthen their offerings. They manage the industry’s top-ranked consumer database, with coverage of every marketable U.S. household and the most transactional data for marketing purposes in the industry. Epsilon gives clients the power to know more, do more and expect more from data.



Enhance Your Customer Insights

With Epsilon Data, you’ll get a full view of customers and prospects—so you can predict their future buying behaviors and build a lifetime of loyalty.

Top-ranked U.S. Consumer database

With insights into 250 million U.S. consumers, Epsilon provides unparalleled coverage and breadth of consumer data.

More Transactional Data

Epsilon has developed the most complete set of transactional data assets to be used across all marketing channels.

Data That Represents Real People

All Epsilon data is based on verified individuals and includes vital data on virtually every U.S. consumer.

See a Person Behind the Numbers

Here’s a sample profile that reveals the depth of Epsilon’s person-level data. With Epsilon’s data, you’ll learn who this person is, what they buy and what they care about.

Demographic & Lifestyle

34-year-old married female with two children.

Health & Wellness

Active in yoga, Pilates and running. Often tries different organic diet plans. Has allergies and high blood pressure, and owns dental insurance.

Finances & Wealth

Homeowner, household income of $125K–$150K and household net worth of $250K–$500K. Active investor. There are two cars in her household: a 2015 Audi and a 2016 Chrysler Pacifica.

Merchant-Level Purchase Data

Spent $5,000+ with United Airlines this year. High spender at Brooks Brothers and Marshalls. Frequently buys Tide, Crest and Nature's Way vitamins.

Propensity & Intent

In-market for a new luxury car. Likely to purchase organic food, switch phone providers, purchase multi-policy insurance, take a family vacation and donate to children’s causes.

Attitudes & preferences

Tech early adopter, frequently shops at Amazon and other online retailers.


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