The Benefits of Onboarding Customer Data

Understand, Amplify, Reach, and Measure Your Audiences

Onboard First-Party Data

Combine fragments and duplicated online/offline identifiers. Increase campaign efficiency at scale. Link to a person, instead of a cookie, to reduce waste in media programs.

Amplify Media Reach

Gain incremental touchpoints per person to increase omnichannel reach. Start with some fragments of PII, such as name/address, phone number, or email, and receive multiple MAIDs and hashed emails -- on average 3.2 additional identifiers.

Understand the Whole Person

Understand the whole person with deep insights that span demographics, firmographics, psychographics, shopping habits, and more. Use the detailed insights to create more relevant and personalized 1:1 messaging.

Measure Omnichannel Performance

Quantify the true impact of your campaigns, including cross-device/multi-email and offline.

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What is data onboarding?

FullContact can onboard online and offline data to online digital identifiers in real-time, using highly secure, privacy-compliant methods.

Fragmented Identifiers Transformed into Whole-Person Anonymous IDs

When you understand the whole person, you can market to them consistently across channels, provide personalization, accurately segment, and precisely measure impact at the granular level.

Digital Media Targeting Including Walled Gardens

FullContact converts customer and prospect identifiers to anonymous digital IDs for ad serving and deployment on DSPs.

Reduce Digital Waste

Ensure you’re not accidentally reaching the same person repeatedly by combining fragmented identifiers into a complete person.

Segmentation and Personalization

Improve customer experience and deliver better one-to-one customer engagements through improved segmentation and personalization, aided by our Insights Bundles.

Accurately Measure Campaign Performance

Quantify the true impact of your campaigns, including cross-device/multi-email and offline, by attaching a persistent ID throughout the customer journey--from exposure to conversion.


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