Scan business cards into Microsoft OneNote

An Easier Way to Scan Business Cards Into OneNote

While there’s certainly no shortage of great note-taking applications to be found, Microsoft’s OneNote is a strong contender for anyone’s short list. The apps ubiquity across devices (and great web presence for Mac users) and plethora of free templates give it a bit of a heads up on some competitors.

But we can make it even better by turning OneNote into a contacts management app using FullContact Card Reader.

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Solving Writer’s Block for Salespeople

This blog post was supposed to be about the magic behind everyday things that “just work”. Unfortunately what wouldn’t “just work” is me writing. I’ve hit the brick wall of writer’s block. So I asked my folks on Twitter what I should write about, in hopes to drum up some inspiration. What came back surprised me – writer’s block hits your sales team too, and they need to know how to deal with it.

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NowDoThis: A Dead Simple To-Do List to Help You Focus

I hate productivity apps. I like apps that make me more productive. While that might seem like a contradiction, I promise you that it’s not. Productivity apps almost always force you to change your behavior. That doesn’t work for me, and it’s a failing point for many others. But apps like NowDoThis simply make you more productive by encouraging you via behavior you’re already using.

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3 Quick Ways to Simplify Your Daily Sales Routine

“Action creates action.” I’ve heard this sentence in the voice of my old sales manager at the car dealership a thousand times. We’d come in for the morning meeting and he’d immediately put get us out on the lot tying balloons to cars, putting up the big S A L E signs and…well…creating action. This was the first time that I found myself in what we realize today as being the “busy trap”.

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