Who Owns Tech Support

Who Owns Tech Support Anyway?

You’re building a company. You’ve got a product. But shit breaks. You need people to handle tech support. First, when it’s just the founders in a garage, you all handle tech support. Then when you’re a little bigger, the whole team chips in. With a little bit of luck, at some point, you’ll grow to have a dedicated team to support technical issues.

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Stop Thinking Like a Product Manager

As a product owner, you’re intimately familiar with every part of your app. Unfortunately that means that you’re too freaking smart for your own good. There are some huge pitfalls that come from knowing too much, so sometimes it’s best to start by forgetting what you already know.

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FullContact Card Reader 3.2 – Now with Card Packs

We’ve heard many of you tell us that you love the app, but that a subscription model just doesn’t make sense for you. Maybe you only collect a few cards each month, or you only attend a couple of events each year. We heard you – so in the new version of Card Reader, you can now pay for only the cards you need to use.

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Scan business cards into Microsoft OneNote

An Easier Way to Scan Business Cards Into OneNote

While there’s certainly no shortage of great note-taking applications to be found, Microsoft’s OneNote is a strong contender for anyone’s short list. The apps ubiquity across devices (and great web presence for Mac users) and plethora of free templates give it a bit of a heads up on some competitors.

But we can make it even better by turning OneNote into a contacts management app using FullContact Card Reader.

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