The -10 to +10 Scale: Openness-to-Learning

This weekend I was introduced by the folks to a very cool scale.  It’s called The Openness-to-Learning Scale, created by Kathlyn Hendricks, Ph.D. and Gay Hendricks, Ph.D.

It’s extremely similar to the Victim vs. Leaders framework that I like to employ.   Coincidentally, a few weeks ago I attended a Baird Capital CEO conference and we spent a ton of time discussing cultures of accountability and “below the line” behavior and “above the line” behavior – a very similar framework employed by the conference facilitators.

What I like about the Openness-to-Learning scale is that it actually specifies point values and magnitudes for different behaviors.

For example, an uproar and abrupt departure – that’s “-10” behavior.  Blaming someone or something else – that’s “-8” behavior.

On the flip side, openly wondering about the issue is “+3” behavior, while taking full responsibility for the issue and the results that were created is “+8” behavior.

I’ve pasted a screenshot below and here’s a link to the full version.

I think it’s a great framework.  In my job, I have to react to different situations all day long (as most of  us do).   I’m going to try to consciously note where I’m at on the scale in doing so.   I’ll be fascinated to see how it affects my own ability to stay “above the line” as much as possible.
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