The Magic of Miraval

Sarah and I just spent the past three nights at Miraval Resort in Tucson, Arizona.

Sarah had been there about a dozen times before – as she used to manage the Exclusive Resorts Villas, but I was new to the entire experience.

In a word, it was awesome.

Miraval is all about Mindfulness and stating your intentions.  So, with that in mind, here were our intentions for the weekend:

  1. Spend some time apart from Greyson
  2. Reconnect as a couple
  3. Recharge, Rest, Rejuvenate and Relax

Mindfulness is defined as

the intentional, accepting and non-judgemental focus of one’s attention on the emotions, thoughts and sensations occurring in the present moment

Miraval gets things started off right in this vein by having guests sign a contract around phone usage.  You are not allowed to use social media, text, or make phone calls except in designated areas!

Totally Awesome.

With this policy, they had me at hello.  If you know our Paid Paid Vacation policy, you understand why.

It’s so amazing what happens when people get their faces out of their friggin’ iPhone and actually fully connect with the people around them!

Real conversations happen!

Human emotions are explored!

People are actually present!

The first afternoon, we didn’t do much.  I received a pedicure and manicure that Sarah had scheduled for me, which is always a fun treat (and much needed).

I estimate the resort guest ratio was about 90% female / 10% male, so my presence in the nail salon was a bit unusual.  But no big deal.

Deborah Lippmann was in the nail salon having a grand time with her girlfriends and they apologized for all the laughter!  We ended up meeting and were part of several classes together.

The staff and other guests were totally awesome to me and welcomed my presence with open arms.

The next few days were packed with yoga classes, meditation classes, meals, pool time, spa time, nap time, massages, jacuzzi time, activities and challenges.

I am really big into meditation and view it as an essential part of my existence, so I enjoyed the meditation classes quite a bit.  I always learn something new from different teachers.

I also really enjoyed some Navajo drumming with Tony Redhouse – he was simply fantastic.

But most important were the challenge courses.

We signed up for the Desert Tightrope, Face to Face, and Giant Ladder.

All of these are unique challenges that put you in touch with your Lizard Brain as you end up 40 feet above ground doing something completely unnatural and uncomfortable.

Some are solo and some require intense communication and real team work with your partner.

But all of them are super fun, adrenaline packed ways to start off each morning – most of them get started at 6:30AM or earlier and last a few hours.

And best of all, you get into a group circle afterwards to talk through and process your emotional response.  This is an important step that we often forget to take in Western society.

After a few days of Miraval, I realize how much Sarah and I needed the time together.

(If you are reading this in five years – I love you Greyson, but it’s also important that Mommy and Daddy get some time for each other too! You will understand … in time)

Often – even though we created the Paid Paid Vacation policy – I have a tendency to really overdo it with 70+ hour work weeks and forget to take real vacations!   The last real vacation Sarah and I took (without a newborn) was in August of 2013!

That’s too long.

So, Sarah and I have decided to take a few days for each other every quarter from now on.

I am energized, excited, and can’t wait to do it again.

It may be Miraval, perhaps somewhere else, but I am certain we will be back.

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