Want better customer engagement? Learn how to talk to leads in new channels.

According to the rule of seven, you need to repeat your message to a prospective buyer seven times before they’ll remember it. Typically, sales reps start by engaging in an email or a phone call. But with a growing number of channels and platforms to engage potential customers, emails and phone calls are only two touch points with an increasing chance that your message isn’t heard or remembered. In fact, it takes an average of 18 calls to actually connect with a buyer.

With more opportunities to engage with customers, how do you make your proposition stick? What is the best way to authentically engage your audience across channels?

“People are getting bombarded with messages that are unwanted and unwelcome every day… Fundamentally there needs to be some sort of value exchange in that interaction or engagement. When there’s no value exchange, it makes it really challenging for a sales rep to get on the phone or get in touch with a prospect if it’s just a one-sided communication. Over time, we need to get into the mindset that it’s a win-win, with both parties saying ‘Hey, let’s engage here’ versus a bombardment of messaging.” – Bart Lorang

Communication between companies and their potential customers needs to be two-sided in order to be effective. Introducing personal attributes and affinities into your interactions can facilitate a genuine conversation on multiple channels.

On a recent podcast, our CEO Bart Lorang spoke with Michael Brown of Bowery Capital about new channels for lead intel and engagement.

Listen to learn new strategies in lead engagement including:

  • Effective data sources to make prospects more receptive.
  • The “3 P’s” to build and maintain relationships with customers and prospects.
  • Successfully complete a value exchange in your outreach.
  • Using data in your communications to be thoughtful and effective.

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