Use Cases

Profile Enrichment


Turn contact records into relationships 

For brands to succeed in the “age of the consumer,” building meaningful relationships is the key. Know your customer, across channels and in more concrete ways—using unique and complete social data.

With identity resolution, you can transform partial records into full profiles that provide a unified view of customers within your CRM, marketing automation, or martech stack.

Enrich profiles at scale Full Contact - Enrich profiles at scale

Enrich profiles at scale

Enrich individual records at scale using dimensions of identity, social handles, affinities, preferences & activity measures.

Build complete contact records Full Contact - Build complete contact records

Build complete contact records

Turn an e-mail address, phone number, or social identifier into a comprehensive profile. Gain a complete view of your customers and prospects across their personal and professional lives.

Know your customer's preferences Full Contact - Know your customer's preferences

Know your customer's preferences

Take advantage of publicly available information from hundreds of sources to understand your audience’s brand and lifestyle interests based on social media activity.

With identity resolution-based profile enrichment, you can ensure:

Full customer profiles and records

Audience insights and segmentation

Targeting, personalization, and engagement

Understanding of customers across channels

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