Turn everyone in your CRM into a VIP — it’s easier than you think

Brands want to create personalized experiences with their customers on a one-to-one level because it drives better ROI. With a single customer view, marketers can personalize, segment, and message to customers with a better understanding of what will resonate.

Some of the biggest challenges with personalization for marketers include: gaining insight quickly enough (40%), having enough data (39%), and inaccurate data (38%). Too often, marketers are looking to more than one solution to solve all three of those issues. Having a premier identity resolution capability can bring together data from inside the organization and keep it updated in real-time with customer data enrichment from additional data sources.

Our customer Venga, a business intelligence CRM platform, enables businesses like restaurants and fitness studios to create lasting relationships with their customers. When they began including enriched data points into their platform, their clients were able to glean even deeper insights into customers. The Venga Platform integrates psychographics, demographics, social data points, and affinities to help foster authentic connections and enhance each customer’s overall experience.

Venga’s clients, including high-end fitness studios and James Beard award-winning restaurants, rely on identity resolution and profile enrichment to provide hospitable touchpoints that exceed customer expectations. Using audience insights inside of the Venga CRM helps staff save time and resources with actionable insights at their fingertips.



“We saw really incredible results using the Enrich API… we saved [our clients] over 10 Million clicks in identifying social media profiles and probably even more than 10 Million considering folks were going out to Google and then searching for a person and then clicking their different social media profiles. So to save them all the time with those clicks and then the data entry of saving it is really incredible.” – Kacey Tovornik, Director of Product

Brands want to gain knowledge of their customers beyond their direct interactions with their business. To create results like Venga’s clients, companies must combine first-party data with third-party data for deeper, more accurate customer understanding. An advanced identity graph creates linkages across multiple data dimensions creating unparalleled coverage, enabling richer, more complete profiles.

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