Times May Be Uncertain—With Data Onboarding You Don’t Have To Be

While we're living through these uncertain times, you may be rethinking your marketing spend to increase efficiency wherever you can. If you’re not, should you be? 

As the environment shifts to more time at home, we’re seeing a surge in online activity--so brands need to connect to customers online now more than ever. Many companies have turned their marketing inward, and have focused on reaching existing customers culled from their first-party data. For companies committed to a long term marketing strategy, this is actually a great time to advertise, as falling demand has driven down CPMs.

As companies work to refine and consolidate budgets, CMOs also have to develop a range of contingency plans to address changing customer needs and disruptions to workplaces, events, and tactics. Brands have to be more efficient and strategic with their marketing spend - reducing digital waste is more important than ever. 

With the need to drive down digital waste, you can’t rely on communicating with unknown entities. But how do you verify identity? 

What’s the Solution? Data Onboarding. 

Reaching valuable existing customers through cookies alone is the method many marketers take. But a better approach is to supplement cookies with known individuals from first-party data assets via data onboarding--turning terrestrial identifiers into digital ones like hashed emails and MAIDs. This approach leads to greater scale, better personalization options, and ultimately, more accurate measurement. A common identity layer provides linkage to enable these features.

Onboarding first-party data is the most efficient and effective digital marketing strategy right now. Data Onboarding helps you focus on understanding WHO your customers are, WHAT insights you can discover to create relevant messaging for your customers, and HOW to best find them within the digital ecosystem. 

As helpful as Data Onboarding is, it isn’t a panacea to your marketing problems. Brands shouldn’t waste time in a delayed onboarding process, or ineffective targeting strategies. You’ll only be truly effective if you can accurately identify your customers and gain the scale of customer touchpoints with a quick (less than 24 hours) turn around. That’s why you need a partner with a history and knowledge of Identity Resolution, known for media amplification and real-time solutions.

Interested in learning more? We’re easy to use--you can start with a simple test and scale up as needed. Talk with an expert today!

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