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‘Customer Experience’ Posts from FullContact

Get Started with Enrich API

What’s New and How to Get Started with our Enrich API

We’ve just released the most advanced API on our next generation platform, the Enrich API. The new API provides the person and company data enrichment you’ve come to know and love from our legacy Person and Company APIs, yet includes another level of capabilities to improve querying options, receive real-time data updates, and customize your…

Want Your Customers to Say “Wow”? Try Listening to Them

Technology will soon bring magical things our way. They are right around the corner. Problem is, much of this magic has been right around the corner for years. And if we don’t start doing things differently, it always will be. To be fair, we are making some progress. To use the old “Jetsons” examples, flying…

Put Yourself in Your Customer’s Shoes

An extraordinary conversation with venture capitalist Brad Feld and entrepreneur John Weiss around the importance of treating your customers as people hit home for Scott Axcell, VP Marketing, FullContact. Here, he shares his learnings from their conversation.

Social Insights add color to customers

How Legacy Brands Can Use Social Insights to Combat Declining Market Share

According to recent stats, 90% of major CPG brands recently lost market share. Over half of these legacy brands also experienced revenue declines. These losses come at the hands of more nimble, ‘digital native’ brands that are exploiting unmet product niches, direct-to-customer business models and more customer-centric marketing playbooks that include social insights.

Provide the Experience Your Customers Expect

Grace Boyle, FullContact’s Director of Customer Success talks through how easy it was to implement FullContact Insights for Zendesk with her team and the impact it has already had on personalizing every interaction with their customers.