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[Webinar Recap] Identity Resolution: The Power to Fully Connect with Customers

In a recent webinar, FullContact’s Rick Porter and featured guest Joe Stanhope, VP & Principal Analyst with Forrester Research, shared how smart marketers are tapping into the wellspring of data using identity resolution. Identity resolution is a data management process through which disparate customer data sets and fragments are unified into complete identities, creating a full profile of each customer. This allows seamless communication with your customers across various channels.

What Marketers Need to Know About Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

When I was in college studying marketing, the textbooks tried to teach me that marketing is more about understanding people and less about understanding technology and data. That’s still true. If your marketing stack is highly sophisticated and your messages aren’t reaching people emotionally, you won’t see an ROI on your technology investments. That being…

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Contacts Not Included: How to More Easily Build Your Contact Data Asset

Every business wants better customer relationships, but how much effort should you expect to put into collecting and managing the data you need to fully connect with customers? There are a lot of good companies selling contact management, big data, and CRM solutions to help make your customer relationships better, but those solutions can be…

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Use Big Contact Data to Make Your Company Awesome at Customer Experience

I like to shop at small businesses because I like the customer experience. I get treated like a local and I like the way that feels. That feeling doesn’t come from the fact that small business owners know me personally. The feeling comes from the fact that small businesses have control. My entire customer experience…

5 Metrics to Help Assess Customer Experience

Customer experience control is table stakes for today’s successful brands, and companies need to come to grips with the fact that you can’t manage what you can’t measure. A sound strategy for assessing customer experience and creating organizational excellence needs to begin at the top. CEOs, CMOs, CROs, and those in charge of CRM analytics and…