‘Partnership’ Posts from FullContact

How Automation Can Open You Up to the Human Side of Sales

Automation opening you up to the human side of sales sounds counterintuitive, doesn’t it? Wouldn’t automation dehumanize the entire process? If you’re automating everything, yes. But if you’re using it strategically, absolutely not. If anything, it allows you to connect with more prospects and customers on a more personal level. How so? Glad you asked….

Prove marketing ROI with data-driven campaigns by HubSpot and FullContact

Gain insights into the information that helps you foster relationships with customers and prospects. You can use enriched social data to provide engagement in a meaningful way so your customers feel connected, valued, and understood. HubSpot’s marketing automation platform makes the sales and marketing process more human by easily creating targeted workflows across your entire…

5 Big Wins For Your Marketing, Sales and Support Teams with New Integration

Your CRM holds the key to managing prospect and customer information for closing more deals and accelerating the sales cycle. When you enrich your customer data with intelligence from FullContact, you gain a complete view of your customer that makes segmentation, personalization, and prioritization even more effective. That’s why FullContact and Agile CRM have partnered—…