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XO Keeps Customers Coming Back with Identity-based Services

Superior Data Allows Agency to Enhance Advertising, Prospecting, and Email Marketing Many marketing agencies today offer e-commerce and lead generation services. What makes XO stand out in a crowded field of competitors is its data-first approach. The agency specializes in big data analytics for boutique companies looking to start small and scale big. And that’s…

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Know the Person Behind the Lead and Watch Your Sales Soar

“The one who understands people better is the one who wins.” –Simon Sinek In the digital age of the consumer, people want more from the brands selling to them–they want you to know who they are, including their role, interests, and needs. Prospects expect you to understand them first. This makes engaging and converting leads…

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The Psychology of Choice

Understanding why we do what we do and buy what we buy Jeanette McMurtry is an internationally renowned marketing expert and one of the amazing speakers at our upcoming customer intelligence conference, Connect ’18. Here’s a preview of her session on the psychology behind creating great customer experiences.   Chances are you’re wasting 90% of…

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Big Data Brings Big Opportunity: B2B Marketers & the Data Asset

Complex data, multiple touchpoints, and siloed systems put a wall between understanding your customer data and meaningful engagement. 96 percent of marketers struggling with data collection pointed to building a comprehensive single view of a customer as their biggest challenge. Companies with numerous platforms, used by different departments across the organization, are trying desperately to give…

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How a General Automation Platform Helps FullContact Users

Challenges and Opportunities for FullContact users As you know, FullContact enriches lead information from social data, email addresses, and even business card scans. This is the smart way to take incomplete contact info pulled in from marketing programs, social campaigns, or even in-person meetings at local events, and efficiently and reliably turn them into fully-baked…

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Time to Announce the First Round of Speakers for Connect 2018

Speakers to Discuss Data Innovation, Customer Intelligence Best Practices, and More As the head of the Connect ’18 Conference, I am excited to announce some of the amazing speakers who are going to present on customer experience, marketing strategies, and a wealth of related topics. Working at FullContact for the past four years, it has…

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Strike Sales Gold Prospecting with Identity Resolution

The business of marketing and sales tech is booming. Technologist and blogger Scott Brinker released the 2017 edition of the marketing technology landscape (Martech 5000), which reported that the number of available marketing solutions grew to a total of 5,381 (from 4,891 unique companies). The organizational technology stack continues to balloon. By one estimate alone,…

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