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Use More Context in Your Customer Care Communications

In the Age of the Customer, companies are working to gain a competitive edge in their industries and finding new ways to level up their approaches to customer communications. While segmenting and personalizing your marketing efforts for prospects can help move the needle in the right direction, it won’t be enough to keep current customers…

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How to use audience data insights to inform your customer journey

There’s a new, more complex buyer journey that customers and marketers are still learning to navigate. Converting leads to sales is made even more complicated with mass messaging from competitors and limited attention from your prospects. And your customers are feeling it too. In fact, 56% of consumers believe businesses need to have a deeper…

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Filling in the Gaps of Your Customer Data

As marketers, we’re becoming increasingly motivated to attribute data to customer interactions and engagements. Knowing exactly what encouraged a purchase or a form fill can help inform marketing messages and influence ad spend on campaigns. But there are still blind spots to the exact motivation behind what made our customers convert. To introduce customer data…

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How to Make Accurate Data A Priority for Your Marketing Team

For years, marketers have heard that they need to be data-driven, data-informed, and data savvy. What once was a much-needed battle cry has turned into a stale phrase, as marketers have had to pivot towards a new path to purchase while data insights have gotten more complex and nuanced. Using data to market to customers…

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Make Empathy A Part of Your Brand Marketing Strategy

When speaking to another person who may not understand what you’re saying, do you resort to speaking louder or becoming more animated? Has that actually ever helped someone understand you better? If you’re shaking your head no, I empathize with you. That is to say, I totally get it. When someone misses the point of…

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5 Types of Marketing You Can Improve with Audience Data Insights

Creating innovative, viral marketing strategies aren’t as easy as the big brands make it seem. For every viral video or heartwarming brand story, there are hundreds of simple marketing efforts performing well because of great marketing strategies. And at the core of those strategies are accurate insights on specific audiences that inform messaging and ad…

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Rethinking customer connections at Connect ‘18

At its core, the Connect conference is all about authentic human connection. This event is an open forum where world-class speakers deliver strategies that focus on creating authentic relationships. Attendees gain extensive knowledge on customer success, marketing technology, and entrepreneurial innovations over two days of engaging sessions. In June, hundreds of professionals gathered in Denver…

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