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Turn Every Contact Fragment Into a Business Opportunity

Discover how FullContact’s identity resolution improves marketing, sales, and customer support operations by turning an email, social handle, phone number, or limited demographic data into a full person or company profile.

What can identity resolution and enrichment do for you?

Audience of people from a similar set of demographics.

Audience Insights

Use enriched profiles to understand your audience across channels - or create lookalike profiles to locate the audience you want to target. You can also create data-driven strategies to confirm a hypothesis about customers, or develop new ones to complement your evolving programs.

  • Improve segmentation, campaigns, and engagement
  • Optimize your marketing spend and gain the greatest ROI

Email graphic with personalized birthday section.

Targeting / Personalization

Benefit from customer intelligence that goes beyond transactional data. Exceed customer expectations by applying lifestyle, behavioral, and personal interest insights to your communications. Create customized content and experiences on your website, in email campaigns and more.

  • Identify the right audience, message, channel, and timing
  • Increase qualified leads coming into the top of your funnel

CRM sales lead profile being enriched with additional data.

Lead Enrichment

Use a wealth of FullContact supplied information, including interest and behavioral data, that reveal the person behind the lead, so you can understand partial profiles as complete contacts to power marketing and sales activities and grow the top of your funnel.

  • Enhance lead scoring, prioritization, and segmentation
  • Reduce churn through more targeted engagement

Influencer with many thousands of followers on Twitter and Intagram.

Influencer Marketing

A well executed influencer strategy can generate the greatest ROI of any marketing activity. FullContact can build an accurate understanding of your most influential users or the decision makers who have the most sway. Create programs and opportunities that deepen their relationship with your company.

  • Effectively target users, decision makers, purchasers, or any segment
  • Determine your engagement strategy with pinpoint accuracy

Customer support rep. with enriched profile of customer she’s talking with.

Customer Support

Adding insights into your customer support engine helps provide a more personalized and human experience. Go beyond recognizing them as just a customer, and discover ways to connect that improve their experience and boost your brand.

  • Increase customer lifetime value
  • Turn customers into evangelists

A group of key influencers within a single organization.

Account-based Marketing

Build your target acquisition list using accurate profiles. Select the right companies and prospects based on their roles, responsibilities, interests and behaviors. Understand account-based attributes to develop comprehensive strategies.

  • Design hyper-personalized programs
  • Expand business within existing accounts

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