Use Cases

Audience Development


Build your audiences in new and exciting ways

Your business depends on reaching the right people—and more of them. Take advantage of cloud-based identity resolution to grow your business on a human-to-human level. You can develop one-to-one customer relationships at any scale to attract more of the people that matter to you.

Build your list of prospects and customers using personal and professional understanding and empathy in every interaction.

Reduce churn and unnecessary spending Full Contact - Reduce churn and unnecessary spending

Reduce churn and unnecessary spending

Use detailed insights to create personalized and segmented lifecycle marketing campaigns. Align spend with targeted audiences and campaigns for better ROI.

Engage across channels Full Contact - Engage across channels

Engage across channels

Interact with and understand the right audience across channels to win customers and create evangelists.

Authenticate and understand Full Contact - Authenticate and understand

Authenticate and understand

Verify or correct email addresses, eliminate duplicates, and consolidate profiles quickly and easily. Authenticate your customer data at sub-second speeds.

Recognize customers from first touch Full Contact - Recognize customers from first touch

Recognize customers from first touch

Eliminate duplicate profiles and consolidate contact fragments for better customer communication as they enter the funnel.

With identity resolution-based customer care, you can ensure:

Marketing and media spend

Lead qualification


Multichannel campaigns

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