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Deliver the exceptional service your customers crave

Take your customer service to a whole new level by adding personal insights to your customer support system.

Outperform the competition using social, transactional, and relationship histories.

Give employees working the front counter, call center, or online chat the ability to strike up conversations using location, profession, known hobbies, and other areas of interest.

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Go to your customers

Meet customers where they are online rather than forcing them to come to your website by engaging them in their preferred channel.

Give personal treatment

Provide support staff with customer recognition to route influencers and VIPs to dedicated support queues for individualized experiences.

Create personalized customer campaigns

Build effective 'surprise and delight' campaigns that give customers thoughtful, personalized gifts and services based on their interests and lifestyle.

Use real-time customer data

Lessen response time using real-time data and updates in your customer support platform to identify and engage customers instantly.

With identity resolution-based customer care, you can ensure:

  • Surprise and delight campaigns
  • Brand evangelist outreach
  • Customer support communication
  • Personalization for special offers and discounts
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