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Reduce risk and boost prevention

Successful fraud prevention begins with knowing the customer behind the transaction.

Don’t settle for simple security.

When you accurately differentiate between an actual person and hackers, bad actors, or bots, you provide a secure environment for your customers to interact with your brand. Augment your solutions by authenticating people profiles accurately, instantly, and at scale. Deploy identity resolution to prevent identity theft and secure systems.

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Improve identity proofing

Verify the person behind the purchase, transaction, or business request. You can augment security steps and streamline processes.

Score transactions with ease

Implement fraud scoring models for transactions by tapping into millions of profiles that seamlessly link emails to social identity and engagement actions.

Lower costs. Increase revenue.

You can prevent chargebacks, improve customer experiences, and increase revenue along the way by avoiding false positives and false negatives for every transaction.

Meet regulatory compliance

You can ensure you’re meeting industry standards, compliance regulations, and legal requirements using the world’s largest, most advanced identity graph.

With identity resolution-based fraud prevention, you can ensure:

  • Successful online transactions
  • Frequent, dynamic data updates
  • Reduction of fraudulent charges
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