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Release: FullContact Launches 3 New Privacy Solutions

FullContact Launches 3 New Privacy Solutions: FullContact Identity Streme™,  Identity Streme: Secure Sharing, and Privacy Compliance

These innovative solutions help companies keep up with the regulatory and systematic changes in marketing and advertising technology as it relates to individual identity. 

DENVER — June 24, 2020 — FullContact, the industry leader in consumer Identity Resolution as a service, has released the next generation in Identity Resolution solutions designed to empower companies to leverage privacy-safe environments to protect their consumer data while sharing it with trusted partners, and complying with data privacy legislation. 

“We’re at an inflection point relative to consumer data and privacy preferences. Consumers demand the companies they engage with are transparent and secure,” said Chris Harrison, President of FullContact. “You have to ensure you balance your commercial interests with the best interests of the real people you engage with. Privacy, security, and consumer controls must be embedded in your go-to-market strategy. And, you need to be in control of your brand and your brand’s experience with your customers.” 

FullContact Identity Streme™

Identity Streme is a flexible & encrypted private environment that ingests, obfuscates, and stores data, deleting PII upon receipt. The solution is FullContact’s version of what others call data bunkers or clean rooms. Allowing clients to control and maintain accurate identity and policies without compromising security. The privacy-first design ensures all sensitive data is kept under lock and key, protected with industry-leading security and a unique encryption key–without compromising easy and controllable access. Identity Streme enables transaction and communication using anonymized identifiers so sensitive information is never passed. It’s the foundation of many of FullContact’s new solutions. 

Identity Streme: Secure Sharing

Identity Streme: Secure Sharing solution enables privacy-safe relationships between brands, manufacturers, publishers, portfolios of brands, and MarTech/AdTech companies. Within it, clients can augment their data with additional digital touchpoints and enriched insights. Based on Identity Streme technology, Secure Sharing provides a modern way for partners to work together to securely share second-party data, provide transparency, enable measurement, and improve financial performance.

Privacy Compliance

Part of FullContact’s mission is to provide consumers with better control and authority over the data brands use to market to them. The Privacy Compliance solution allows companies to consolidate customer data assets under persistent identifiers, available in real-time so that they can easily comply with the legislation and respect consumer wishes. The foundation of this solution is FullContact’s newest product, Resolve, which provides even greater ability for consumers to know what data has been collected about them, and decide how they would like it to be used. It was designed to enable brands to create better interactions with their customers and empower consumers to have better control over their data.

Marketing and Advertising Technology are going through regulatory and systemic change as it relates to individual identity and how one’s rights as a consumer balance against the commercial interests of brands that serve them. FullContact’s new suite of Privacy Solutions empowers companies to accomplish this in a privacy-safe and secure fashion. 


About FullContact

FullContact is a privacy-safe Identity Resolution company building trust between people and brands, while also putting consumers in control of their personal information. Their patented identity graph enables accurate, secure identity resolution for more than one billion people globally. FullContact delivers the capabilities needed to create tailored customer experiences by unifying data and applying insights in the moments that matter. FullContact is headquartered in Denver with an office in India. For more information, please visit www.fullcontact.com.

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