AdTech/MarTech Solutions

Increase your revenue through our secure environments and incremental identities.

Data Onboarding

Energize your first-party data. Rapidly manage digital activation. Engage each person wherever they are online.
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Omnichannel Targeting

Add multiple identifiers to your target audience. Reach people wherever they engage by leveraging Mobile Ad IDs, hashed emails, postal addresses, phone numbers, and more.
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Real-Time Insights

Deliver a meaningful brand experience and drive higher conversions by understanding the whole person behind a single identifier in real-time.
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Identity Verification & Fraud Solutions

Identify and prevent fraud attempts in real-time with unparalleled information about the people behind the screen.

Streamlined Authentication

Prevent unauthorized interactions while creating a frictionless verification process. We unify fragmented identifiers to help you distinguish real customers instantly and at scale.
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Asset Protection

Leverage our person-level insights to fact-check suspicious account activity in real-time. Avoid chargeback-related expenses and avoid lost revenue and inventory by fortifying your fraud prevention practices.
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Brand Solutions

Deliver on your KPIs by leveraging Identity Resolution. Create better customer experiences and improve your media targeting, reach, and measurement across channels.

Customer Recognition

Consistently recognize your customers & prospects in the moments you’re engaged with them to improve customer experience and more accurate measurement.
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Media Amplification

Gain incremental touchpoints to increase your omnichannel reach. Link customer fragments to a real person, then amplify their digital identifiers for optimal media performance.
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Omnichannel Measurement

Integrated omnichannel measurement requires a common identity framework across your sales & marketing ecosystem. Navigate marketing channels, fleeting cookies, and a lack of integrated platforms.
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Privacy & Permission Solutions

Keep up with the regulatory and systemic changes in marketing and advertising technology as it relates to individual identity. Balance the individual rights of consumers with commercial interests.

Private Identity Cloud™

Private Identity Cloud is a flexible & encrypted private cloud that ingests, obfuscates, and stores data, deleting PII upon receipt. Control & maintain accurate identity & policies without compromising security.
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Private Identity Sharing™

Private Identity Sharing enables privacy-safe relationships for brands, manufacturers, publishers, portfolios of brands, and MarTech companies. Augment with additional digital touchpoints & enriched insights.
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Privacy Compliance

Enable privacy for everyone, and respond to consumer data requests in real-time, with a holistic view of the data you’re storing about them.
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