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Finding New Office Space for a “Growth” Company

Like many “growth” companies, finding the right office space was a challenge for us. A good office can add significant benefits for an organization and its employees. A bad office can become an obstacle to productivity and culture. In many respects, a company is a reflection of the space it occupies.  Yet traditional commercial real…

What Being Awesome With People Means To Me— Community Outreach

At FullContact, we work hard to make sure we are embodying our core values both inside and outside of the office. In this blog by Product Manager, Jess Nolan, she explains how she turns those words into actions. In my three years at FullContact, one of my favorite things about working here is still the openness…

visionary integrator duo

Scaling Up: The Magic of the Visionary-Integrator Duo

As I’ve previously written, Scaling Up Requires Some Healthy Dysfunction.  Along the journey, every company has scale points when things simply start breaking down.     In my experience, these breakpoints naturally occur at 20 employees, 50 employees, 100 employees and 250 employees.    Organizational systems break, and new processes and people are required to fix…

Get Started with Enrich API

What’s New and How to Get Started with our Enrich API

We’ve just released the most advanced API on our next generation platform, the Enrich API. The new API provides the person and company data enrichment you’ve come to know and love from our legacy Person and Company APIs, yet includes another level of capabilities to improve querying options, receive real-time data updates, and customize your…

Developing Our Next Generation API

A big focus for us here at FullContact is our next generation APIs, including the release of our new Enrich API. Here are a few examples of how our focus on the developer experience surfaces itself through the design and capabilities of our next generation APIs.

Segmented Campaigns: The Key to Higher Email Revenue

Campaigner and FullContact provide the critical 1-2 punch that increases acquisition and retention by verifying email deliverability, enriching the contact’s data profile and by segmenting your email list so that you can deliver the right messages to the right people at the right time.

Women in Technology: New Partnership Working to Close the Gap

To serve the biggest market possible, it is essential for software to be designed for customers that are both unique and diverse. To make this possible, it is good business to hire teammates that are individual and unique as well. We believe that when you bring together a collection of individuals with different backgrounds, it…