With a passion for building highly scalable systems, Ken leads FullContact’s high-octane engineering team to deliver exceptional data experiences.

Ken Michie is FullContact’s Chief Technology Officer. He spearheads all engineering efforts to deliver valuable, real-time data insights for FullContact’s customers. Most notably, Ken has been responsible for growing and evolving FullContact’s identity graph and supporting platforms.

Ken’s experience centers around technical understanding and real-time processing of large amounts of data. He is integral to providing offline and digital matching solutions that allow brands to deliver unique and personalized experiences. Ken has cultivated a healthy engineering culture across the globe focused on innovation, creativity, and customer-centricity, and his innovations have earned him 5 patents.

In his fruitful, 10-year tenure with FullContact, Ken’s role has evolved significantly. He started as a Software Engineer in a Technical Lead capacity and was promoted to Software Team Management only two years later. Thanks to continued accomplishments, Ken was subsequently promoted to Director of Engineering and then Head of US Engineering, VP of Technology and, finally, CTO.

A modern day Renaissance man, Ken loves woodworking, playing piano and guitar, gardening, exercise, DIY projects, BBQing, home brewing, and being a father of 3 boys and loving husband