Mary translates a career’s worth of marketing strategy expertise and data-driven campaign success to lead FullContact’s omnichannel marketing initiatives.

Mary Hennen serves as FullContact’s Vice President of Marketing and leads all marketing initiatives — including branding, creative, lead generation, website, and sales enablement. As a seasoned marketing pro herself, she understands the delicate balance marketers must strike between protecting customer data and delivering highly relevant experiences.

Mary brings the company nearly 25 years of experience as a marketing strategist in both B2B and B2C arenas, with a history of delivering omnichannel marketing, personalized customer experiences, eCommerce success, and significant financial growth.

Prior to FullContact, Mary served as CMO of The Tile Shop, where she successfully spearheaded a reformative marketing strategy that revitalized company culture, financials, and the customer experience. She also worked with Conversant Media as Enterprise Media Solutions Leader, where she built relationships with and integrated C-Level executives and their teams from acquired companies. Mary spent over a decade leading Experian’s retail vertical, as well.

Outside of the office, Mary likes spending time in the sunshine and outdoors, and particularly enjoys Colorado snowshoeing.