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Who is FullContact and what do we believe?

We believe that life is all about people and the relationships between them.

Our core purpose is to make relationships better. We believe that relationships, are driven by trust; trust is driven by empathy and understanding; understanding is driven by insights; and insights are driven by data.

With an identity graph containing over 1 billion people profiles, FullContact identity resolution and insights provide the data you need to create the most accurate pictures of the people who matter most to you. Gain a better understanding of the people in your life - your contacts, connections or customers - and discover how to engage with them more authentically.

Our Core Values

  • We Are Awesome with People

  • We Ship. Improve. Repeat

  • Open, Honest, & Constructive

  • We Are Customer Obsessed

  • We Win and Lose as a Team

  • We‘ve Got Grit

Our Ethos

Our Brand is Awesome

Meet Our Leadership Team

Bart Lorang

CEO / Co-Founder

Rushton McGarr


Scott Brave


Christopher Harrison

President, FullContact Enterprise Solutions

Lior Romano

President, Consumer & SMB

Meet Our Board Members

Bart Lorang

Benedict Rocchio

Chris Moody

Chris Marks

Travis Todd

Some of Our Investors

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