Arun leverages his background in Engineering and his fascination for people strategy to keep FullContact India’s awesome employees happy, productive, and engaged.

Arunanand T A leads the Human Resources division for FullContact India, a role he envisages as pivotal for ensuring positive outcomes for our employees and the various stakeholders of the company. Arun finds reward in meeting great candidates and bringing in the right talent for the company. He loves helping employees better engage with the benefits provided and championing FullContact’s Families-First approach to work.

Arun graduated from the National Institute of Technology Calicut in Kozhikode, India, earning a Master of Technology degree in Computer Science and Engineering. He served as a Software Engineer at Oracle for a few years before exploring the idea of moving into HR full-time. As an engineer, Arun found HR to be one of the major pillars of business. He joined as Head of Human Resources at Profoundis Labs Pvt Ltd, a company acquired by FullContact in 2016. Arun considers himself a partner who understands the importance of recruiting, engaging, and mapping top talent. He is instrumental in helping our employees find success in their roles, and in creating a healthy, productive, and collaborative workplace culture.

Arun enjoys reading non-fiction, history, and politics. He recommends everyone read Totto-Chan: The Little Girl at the Window. Arun authored a book on Engineering education in the Malayalam language, published by DC Books. He blogs at People First, a site inspired by the many questions he receives online about the structure and nature of HR.

Arun has traveled throughout many of the Indian states and territories. His international travels include the US, Sri Lanka, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Turkey, and Azerbaijan.