6 Signs You’re Ready to Implement Identity-Based Marketing

Most businesses in 2018 have an idea of who their target audience is, but how well do they know each customer? The more you know about your customers, the easier it is to create authentic, personal experiences for them.

According to Forrester’s research on personalization, “For most organizations, sourcing a single tool won’t immediately bring to bear more contextual customer experiences. On the back end, organizations must work to integrate customer data and customer-facing content.” FullContact provides both the back-end and front-end tools necessary, in one product, to create personalization through data enrichment and identity resolution.

For our customers to achieve identity-based marketing efforts, we provide insights by analyzing billions of pieces of information using a powerful machine learning engine that ties together an individual’s separate online identities to create a single, accurate profile.

Think you might be ready to embrace identity-based marketing? See if any of these apply to you and your business needs.

1. You need better contact management. If you’re like me, you have way too many contacts stored in every database possible. What if you could magically sync all your contacts in one place? It’s not magic, it’s identity resolution. Teams can share important insights instantly across their personal databases.Having accurate contact information will make your sales and marketing efforts strategic and meaningful.

2. You’d like to see a complete professional and personal profile for your contact records. Your organization will save time by recognizing individuals across different platforms, then accurately identifying their individual brand and lifestyle interests. You can quickly and accurately understand what makes your customers happy, loyal, and interested in your organization.

3. You’re looking for more insights into your audience. By looking into the holistic data that identity resolution provides, you can gain a deeper understanding of your customers and their day-to-day life.  This ensures that your organization messages to a segmented, targeted audience with tailored offers that they can take action on.

4. You’d love to develop and expand your audience. Looking to gain new customers and create lookalike audiences? Behavioral data will show you what your current customers value so you can develop new strategies and campaigns to expand your reach and earn new customers.

5. You value fraud prevention. In a world of online transactions, it can be tough to identify whether an actual person is associated with an email address or social profile. With identity resolution, you can easily detect whether you’re engaging with a bot, a hacker, or an actual human being. This will save you time and hassle as online transactions continue to grow.

6.  You want to be known for your customer experience. Brand loyalty can make or break a business in the Age of the Customer. One way to grow brand loyalty is to show your customers you care by using insights to understand and connect with them during conversations across sales, marketing, and customer support. You’ll be able to solve issues or create repeat customers using insightful, detailed, and authentic engagement.

Whether you are a B2B or B2C business, your target customer is the number one priority. Get a clearer picture of each customer in order to give your customers the most personalized experience possible.

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