Resiliency and Hopefulness: A Look Back At 2020

A cornerstone to any annual retrospective blog is to begin by looking back and saying, “Wow, things sure did change in the last year.” But that’s never been more true than in 2020.

We saw the world rocked by the global pandemic of COVID-19, and we quickly adapted to working remotely, only venturing out for groceries, necessities, and the occasional hike or bike ride.

We ended 2019 by launching a new brand identity and website that represented connection, transparency, and a look to the future. 2020 was all about making those promises a reality–though it’s safe to say the world changed, the need for connection and trust between people and brands did not. 

FullContact celebrated our 10 year anniversary this year, and I was honored to take the helm to continue to steer the company built on balancing the commercial interest of companies with the needs and interests of real people.

Products and Solutions

An exciting step in that direction was the launch of our foundational product Resolve, powered by an omnichannel, portable, persistent PersonID. Resolve empowers you to create valuable customer relationships by mapping incomplete or fragmented offline, online, professional, and personal identifiers to a whole person.

In addition to Resolve, we also launched three new solution suites designed to solve your most complex modern marketing challenges. We wanted to create robust solutions for the complex challenges facing AdTech/MarTech, Brands, and those with Privacy concerns. 

Our AdTech/MarTech solutions were designed to support companies to connect with customers across devices and channels–driving meaningful customer journeys and increasing their revenue. 

For Brands, our goal was to help them leverage Identity Resolution to service their customers, create better experiences, and improve their media targeting, reach, and measurement across channels. 

It can be difficult for companies to keep up with regulatory and systemic changes in marketing and advertising technology. That’s why we create our Privacy suite of solutions, designed to empower companies to leverage privacy-safe environments to protect their consumer data while sharing it with trusted partners, and complying with data privacy legislation 

LiveIntent Partnership

This year we also started an exciting partnership with LiveIntent, the people-based marketing platform powered by the email address. Together, we’re bringing to market an integrated solution that creates the capability to tie offline and online identities together at the person-level–and it’s everything the industry has been asking for.

By combining our persistent person-level ID and LiveIntent’s persistent digital ID, we’re putting control back in the hands of brands and independent tech providers to create true competitive differentiation. 

Our partnership is still growing, be sure to look out for joint webinars in the new year! 

Proof of Concept

A huge goal of 2020 was to show off what our technology can do, and put our money where our mouth is. That’s why we began offering new customers Proofs of Concept that would demonstrate the value of our Identity Resolution capabilities–no strings attached. 

Customer Recognition Demo

We know the topic of Identity Resolution and Customer Recognition can get complicated quickly. In theory, it’s easy to understand how you can create valuable customer relationships by mapping incomplete or fragmented offline, online, professional, and personal identifiers to a whole person. But what does that mean in practice? We launched an interactive demo to showcase exactly how easy it is. 

Brand Guarantee

FullContact's Brand Guarantee - Amplify your ability to recognize and reach real people by 3x. Or it's on us. Guaranteed.

We decided it was high time to make our guarantee official–that we’ll work to ensure our customers and partners will gain unparalleled recognition and reach to improve their marketing effectiveness. 

That’s why we promise if you work with us, you’ll amplify your ability to recognize and reach real people by 3X. Or it’s on us. Guaranteed. 

What a year! While nothing is predictable, we traversed the uncertain waters by staying true to our core values and embracing the need for change.  

What will 2021 bring? When it’s safe, we’ll be moving into new offices in Denver and continue to iterate on new ways to work together across the globe. Other than that, the only certainty is we’ll continue to support our partners, customers, and employees to find valuable connections to the benefit of all. 

Thank you for continuing to make the journey with FullContact. Stay safe, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year! 

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